Artworks are limited to editions of 10. Works are archival pigment prints on heavy museum quality paper. These pigment prints should last well over 100 years. Each work is signed and numbered. Your artwork is carefully packaged wrapped and shipped in a shipping tube. The cost to ship is included. Each work also includes a certificate of authenticity for insurance purposes. At this time we do not offer framing except for local clients.
Size: 24"x24"
1. Selected for NEXUS, the Fundraising Exhibition, Sale and Grand Reception at The Artists Center at the Galen, Palm Desert, CA. October 15 - November 21, 2021.
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080521-Brocade examines the ancient art of intricate silk fabric embroidered with complex raised patterns and designs through new media electronic painting methodology. The deconstruction of the handwoven artifact is interpreted through technological means, revealing the nexus between ancient traditional and digital technology arts, where the core appreciation of each is similarly understood. Examining traditionalist art through modernist reinterpretation allows us to see the union between both as an evolving series along an established aesthetic. Old and new respond, inspire, recognize, and validate the other, together as one. By hand and eye, each is made.

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